Mystery Solved: The Villains Theme

In this blog’s introductory post, I pondered where the “daht daht dee DAAAA yat-dat-dat-dat-da.” tune came from. You know, that ditty you hear in old haunted house movies, or in cartoons when someone is sneaking around with ill intent.

The sample I cited then was this snippet from “Existential Blues” by T-Bone Stankus:

[mejsaudio src=”″]

(I’m also fascinated that this tiny clip also includes references to The Wizard of Oz and Man of La Mancha. But I digress.)

This particular snip of music has haunted me for years. I’ve never been able to track it down, because you can’t really Google “daht daht dee DAAAA yat-dat-dat-dat-da.”

And yet, within a couple of hours of the post going live, two fine people each provided a history of “Mysterioso Pizzicato”, which is also known as “Here Come the Villains” or the “Villains Theme”.

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