Sound and the Foley in the Wild!

CofCThis upcoming Saturday, I will be speaking at the College of Curiosity’s Conference of Curiosity in Chicago. My subject?

(Cue the dun dun DUNNNNN!*)

I will be speaking about The Sound and the Foley project, of course!

Subjects in my talk will range from items discussed here on the blog to subjects that (gasp!) I have not yet covered. Yes, that’s right: I’ll be bringing up some new material at the conference.

If you are in the Chicago area and would like to join in the fun, tickets are a suggested donation of $60, and include things like lunch and a very curious goodie bag. One of the other speakers is a man who was once the most dangerous man in the world, so, really, you shouldn’t miss this.

* Oh hey! I should also write about the history of the dramatic music sting…